Parent Teacher Organization


PTO President: Roxanne Franklin

PTO Vice President:  Teresa Peoples

PTO Treasurer: Melonie Green

PTO Secretary:  Shemeka White

Plantersville Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization Bylaws


The organization shall be named Plantersville Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) also known as PTO.

ARTICLE II - Purpose

The PTO of PES is organized for the purpose of supporting and enhancing services and fundraising for the students of PES. The PTO will partner with administration, teachers, parents, and students of PES to meet the needs of students at the school.

By providing:

  • an organization through which the parents, school, and teachers can work cooperatively.
  • financial support for programs funded outside of the annual school budget.


Section 1: The PTO of PES shall operate for charitable, educational, nonpartisan, non-sectarian, and non-commercial purposes and shall not discriminate based on age, sex, creed, or national origin.

Section 2: The name of the PTO and the names of any of its members in their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or political interest or for any purpose not appropriately related to the promotion of the purpose of the organization.

Section 4: The PTO may cooperate with other PTOs within the same school district that have similar goals and interests, but shall not interfere with the administration of these schools or seek to control its policies.

Section 5 : Any person volunteering at a PTO event or serving in an official PTO position must have approval from the Executive Board prior to volunteering.

Section 6: No part of the earnings of the organization shall benefit of our distributed to its members, directors, trustees, officers, or other private individuals.

Section 7: The PTO shall be organized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered.

Section 8: The organization shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on by an organization exempt from federal income tax under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Executive Board must approve compensation for services.

Section 9: Upon the dissolutions of this organization, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of this PTO, the remaining assets shall be distributed to PES . If the school ceases to exist, the remaining PTO assets will be forwarded to other nonprofit organizations.


The fiscal year of the PTO shall begin on July 1st and end on the following June 30th.


Section 1: Membership. Any parent or guardian of a student at the School, the Principal, or any teacher currently employed at the School may become a PTO Member.

Section 2: Dues. PTO members will not be required to pay membership dues.

Section 3: Vote. Each PTO member will have the opportunity to vote.

Section 4: The PTO of PES may admit individuals to membership at any time with final approval from the Executive Board.


Section 1: Officers. The Officers shall consist of an elected President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The position of Vice President may be a shared position between two individuals.

Section 2: Eligibility. Each member will have the opportunity to serve in an officer position.

Section 3: Nominations & Elections. Nominations for Officers' positions shall be submitted and voted on at the Spring PTO meeting . The results will be shared via school communication voice system, or letter to stakeholders.

Section 4: Term of Service. Voting shall take place by written ballot at the Spring PTO meeting. Officers shall be elected for a term of one calendar year (beginning July 1st and ending on the following June 30th) by the general PTO Membership. An individual may not serve more than two consecutive years as an officer. A person may hold only one officer's position at a time. All PTO officers or Executive Board members shall meet the following qualifications: Executive Board nominees and elected officers must have a child or be a direct relative of a child attending PES.

Section 5: In the event the PTO fails to fill all officer positions at the Spring PTO meeting, a ballot will be forwarded before or at the beginning of the school year.

Section 6: All Officers shall act in the best interest of the PTO.

Section 7: Compensation. No Officer shall be compensated by the PTO for their service.

Section 8: Attendance. Each Officer shall attend the Executive Board and all PTO meetings.

Section 9: Committee Service. Each Officer is expected to serve on a minimum of one committee.

Section 10: Contracts & Purchases. No Officer shall secure any contract in the name of the PTO without the approval of the Executive Board. The principal must approve the delivery of approved items, excluding all weekends and holidays.  Any approved purchase must be made within the budgetary restrictions.

Section 11: Removal from Office. Any Officer can be removed from office, with or without cause with a vote at a regular PTO meeting or a meeting called by the principal and the Executive board.  Advance notice of the vote shall be given to the PTO member prior to the meeting.

Section 12: The Executive Board shall assist in the nomination of incoming Chairpersons of the committees.


Section 1: President

The President(s) shall:

  1. Preside over all meetings of the PTO.
  2. Prepare each meeting's agenda.
  3. Collaborate with the principal and Executive Board to coordinate all committees and the PTO as a whole
  4. Collaborate with the principal to appoint Special Committees as needed.
  5. Perform PTO duties via school, district, and state expectations.

Section 2: Vice President
The Vice President shall:

  1. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence, resignation, or inability to serve.
  2. Assist the Principal with the preparation and distribution of the School handbook.
  3. Research, write, and solicit educational grants.

Section 3: Secretary
The Secretary shall:

  1. Maintain all records of the PTO of PES; including transactions, contracts, correspondence, and related documents.

2.Record the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Board and PTO and forward copies to each Executive Board member and district supervisor within two weeks of the recorded meeting.

  1. Circulate the minutes from the preceding PTO meeting at each PTO meeting
  2. Maintain organized records from the planning of any event hosted by the PTO. These records should be kept in a secure location at the School, should be made available, upon request, to any Committee

Chair planning a similar event, and turned over to the next Secretary to hold this position.

  1. Attend to the official correspondence of the PTO, including, but not limited to, gestures of appreciation and sympathy on behalf of the PTO.
  1. Hold a copy of the PTO Bylaws
  2. Provide a printed copy of these Bylaws to each newly elected Executive Board member
  3. Collaborate with principal, school's book keeper, and Executive Board to create and maintain PTO

Announcements. Post fliers on PES community board which is located near the front office. Forward PTO information to PES Webmaster to post on School's website, and forward to all stakeholders (district staff, churches, and business partners, the media with approval from principal).

Section 4: Treasurer
The Treasurer shall:

  • 1. Perform all banking activities of the PTO of PES.
  1. Maintain up-to-date, accurate financial records of the PTO.
  2. Receive all funds of the PTO; including, but not limited to, donations, dues, and fundraising sales and contributions.
  1. Provide a written and oral financial report of the receipts and expenditures at each PTO and
  2. Executive Board meeting and at other times upon request of the Executive Board.
  3. Audit all invoices and receipts submitted for payment or reimbursement to ensure each request is in compliance with PTO policies. Pay all bills and disburse funds as authorized by the Executive Board.
  1. Perform the complete and timely filing of all federal and state tax returns as well as other financial
  2. reports, pertaining to the PTO's 501(c)3 status, as applicable; and maintain accurate records of such.
  3. Complete all financial updates by the close of the Fiscal Year and provide a full year-end report.
  4. Submit all requested/required financial data relating to PTO operations to the Finance Audit


  1. Chair within two weeks prior to the close of the fiscal year, for the purposes of the Treasurer's accounts being audited by the Finance Audit Committee.


Section 1: Executive Board. The Executive Board shall consist of the Officers, the School Principal, and a Teacher Representative.

Section 2: Principal & Teacher Representative. The Principal acts as liaison between the School and the PTO and ensures that all PTO activities are in accordance with School policies and procedures. The Teacher  Representative acts as liaison between the School teachers and the PTO of PES.

Section 3: Duties. The Executive Board of PES PTO shall conduct necessary business in preparation for the Regular PTO meetings and shall prepare a tentative budget to be voted upon by the PTO Membership at the first regular PTO meeting of the fiscal year.

Section 4: The Executive Board along with the classroom teacher will plan the fifth grade's senior trip, Teacher Appreciation Week as well as banquets, and holiday treats and gifts for staff members.


Section 1: Regular Meetings of the PTO - Shall be held four times each year, except during July and August, at the School, on a date and time pre-established by the Executive Board. Dates and times of the meetings shall be presented by the President at the first regular meeting of the school year. However, dates and times may change as needed.

Section 2: Executive Board Meetings - Shall be held four times each school year.

Section 3: Special Meetings of the PTO - May be called at any time during the school year by the Executive Board. PES stakeholders will be notified in advance of the change.

Section 4: Quorum. At least half of the Executive Board with the principal included shall constitute a quorum. A quorum must be met in order for any vote to take place.

Section 5: The newly elected Executive Board shall meet at least once between August and the first PTO meeting of the upcoming fiscal year for the purposes of preparing a balanced budget proposal which shall be presented at that first regular PTO meeting of the school year. Stakeholders will have an opportunity to present questions about the budget.

Section 6: The final PTO meeting shall take place prior to the close of school.


Section 1: Use. PTO funds shall be used for programs, events, and items that directly benefit the students of the School; with the exceptions of the annual Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Staff Holiday Gifts, and School Alumni Scholarship award.

Section 2: Income. All funds raised for the PTO must be documented and submitted to the PTO Treasurer within 10 days of receipt. All funds received by the Treasurer must be deposited into the PTO bank account within 2 days of receipt. Separate deposit receipts should be maintained for funds received from each unique fundraising event.

Section 3: Expenses. Reimbursements for all expenses shall be made only after receipts for the expenditures have been audited, documented, and approved by the PTO Treasurer. Reimbursement requests should be submitted to the PTO Treasurer within 5 days of the incurred expense or by three weeks prior to the end of the fiscal year, whichever comes first, and must be accompanied by a receipt. Any cash advance to cover expenses prior to a purchase must be documented in detail. All unused funds must be returned to the PTO Treasurer immediately following the purchase.

Section 4: Non-Budgeted Requests. Monetary requests for non-budgeted items may be submitted to the PTO. Advance notice of the upcoming vote shall be publicized to the PTO Membership at least 1 week prior to the vote.

Section 5: Reporting. An updated financial report shall be made available in printed form and housed in a secured place.

Section 6: Carry-Over. The PTO is authorized to carry over funds for the following fiscal year as recommended by the Executive Board. .


Section 1: Standing Committees. The following Standing Committees shall exist for the purpose of carrying out a specific set of relative duties: Fundraising, Enrichment, Social, Hospitality, Nominating, Publicity, Web Communication, Playground, Fifth Grade Activities, and Finance Audit. Additional Special committees may be formed at any time at the request of the Executive Board.

Section 2: Chairpersons. Chairpersons of Standing Committees shall be elected annually by the PTO membership.  Nominations shall be submitted at the Spring meeting. Elections shall take place at the PES Spring PTO meeting.

Section 3: The Chairperson of each committee shall keep a written record of the activities of his/her committee in a manner that would allow these records to be passed along to future Chairs. These records should be turned over to the Secretary who will maintain a comprehensive file of all events planned by the PTO and make them available to future Chairs.

Section 4: Committee Members. The Executive Board may solicit and appoint additional members to serve on respective committees as necessary.

Section 5: Contracts & Purchases. No Committee Chair shall secure any contract in the name of the PTO of PES.

Section 6: Term of Service. A person may not serve as the Chairperson of the same committee longer than two (2) consecutive years.

Section 7: Attendance. Committee Chairpersons shall attend Executive Board and monthly PTO meetings to report on the activities of his/her committee.


Section 1: Fundraising Chair
The Fundraising Chair shall:

  1. Collaborate with the Executive Board to research options, plans, and anticipated profits and expenses for any fundraising projects and present .
  1. Prepare and execute fundraising projects as approved by the Executive Board.
  2. Report all Fundraising activities, expenses, and profits at each monthly PTO meeting.
  3. Maintain confidential records of all contributions.
  4. Maintain planning records of each fundraiser and pass these along to the Secretary for permanent record keeping.

Section 2: Enrichment Chair
The Enrichment Chair shall:

  1. Coordinate educational enrichment programs for all students in all grades.
  2. Work with the Principal and teachers to coordinate events that enhance current curriculum.
  3. Notify the Publicity Committee in advance of event dates for photo coverage.
  4. Write a summary of each event for publication in the newsletter or School website for the purposes of informing school parents that the event was sponsored by the PTO. Post events on PES website with approval from the principal.

Section 3: Social Chair
The Social Chair shall:

  1. Plan and implement all not-for-profit social activities for School students and their families;
  2. including, but not limited to, the Ice Cream Social, Spirit Days, and Student Holiday Workshop
  3. Coordinate after-school programs (i.e. An Introduction to Sign Language; Crafts & More: Lego Engineers; Responsible Babysitting; etc.)


Section 5: Nominating Chair
The Nominating Chair shall:

  1. Collaborate with the executive Board to Publicize PTO positions and recruit volunteers to fill open Executive Board positions for the upcoming school year.
  1. Work with the Executive Board and Committee Chairs to prepare a list of nominees to be included on the annual election ballot at the Spring PTO meeting. This list shall be completed and publicized to all PTO members prior to the Spring meeting.

Section 6: Publicity Chair
The Publicity Chair shall:

  1. Attend School functions and events to take photos and write articles for submission to the local
  2. newspaper,School newsletter, Georgetown Newspaper, and School website
  3. Maintain the PTO bulletin board in the school to reflect a positive and informative display.

Section 9: Web Communication
1. The Executive Board will be responsible for posting information throughout the school and on the PES Website. 

Section 10: Playground Chair
The Playground Chair shall:

  1. Collaborate with the Executive Board to research and present playground maintenance and improvement plans.
  1. Work closely with the Executive Board to coordinate fundraising for maintenance and improvements of the School's playground equipment and grounds.

Section 11: Finance Audit Chairperson
1. The Finance Audit Committee shall be made up of up to three PTO members.

2.The Finance Audit Chair shall audit the financial records of the PTO and prepare a fiscal year-end audit report.


Section 3: Bylaws Amendment. These Bylaws may be amended under the following conditions:

1.Either the Bylaws Committee or at least 5 PES PTO members shall submit the revision request to the Secretary with approval from the Executive Board.

2 .At least 10 calendar days prior notice shall be given to the PTO Membership that a vote will be taken at the next scheduled Regular PTO meeting.

  • 3. A quorum is met at the meeting and the revision request is approved by a majority vote of those present.
  1. All approved amendments shall become effective immediately and recorded by the Secretary.


Section 1: Dissolution. The PTO may be dissolved provided prior notice is given to the PTO Membership, a vote is taken at the next scheduled Regular PTO meeting (a quorum must be met), and the request is approved by a majority vote of those present.

Section 2: Remaining Funds. Upon a vote to dissolve the PTO, the remaining PTO funds shall first be used to pay any outstanding PTO debt and then either:

  1. a vote shall be taken by the PTO Membership to spend remaining funds on an item or items that benefit the students; or forwarding to a community nonprofit organization.


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